Special Coatings

Special Coatings

Fin Type Characteristics Common Applications


The epoxy based hydrophobic coating effectively inhibits dust and bacterial accumulation. Salt Spray test results are excellent (over 1,000 hours).
  • Condensers for coastal residencies.
  • Condenser coils for polluted areas.
  • Coils for corrosive industries.
  • Coils for laboratories and hospitals.


The special two-micron pre-coated polymer hydrophilic coating improves airflow by reducing thickness of condensing water layers, known as water carry-over phenomenon.
  • Evaporators and coolers.
  • Avoids carry-over of condensed water at high air velocities.

The nano coating is only 5µ thin with high heat transfer capabilities. Resists corrosion, salt water, and dust; Salt Spray test results are superior (over 3,000 hours).
  • Protection against organic solvents and chemicals.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Reduced dirt accumulation.
  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Lower maintenance costs.

EnergyGuard protects complete coils to extend the life of the unit and adds to the reliability and performance by providing long term corrosion resistance (5000h salt spray test).
  • Highly polluted urban area.
  • Off shore rigs.
  • Mining industry.
Technical Specifications Nano Lord Phob Lord Phil
Material Type Polymer Epoxy based + chemical conversion Polymer + chemical conversion
Layer Thickness - 5 micron - 3 micron -2 micron
Thermal Conductivity Effects 1%> 1%> 1%>
Standard Color Light blue Black Light blue
Temperature Resistance -20°c to 250°c -20°c to 200°c -20°c to120°c
Salt Spray Humidity Endurance Test 3,000 hours 1,000 hours 500 hours
Nano Nano coating prevents the adhering of the water droplets on the fin surface, keeping the fin dry and not prone to dust accumulation.
Lord Phill Lord Phill coating reduces surface tension by flattening water droplets and allowing increased air flow.
Uncoated On uncoated fins, large round water droplets accumulate that can restrict air flow and produce water sparey.