quality standards


Quality Process

Lordan is committed to manufacturing superior custom-made specialized products that comply with international standards.
Dedicated to maintaining high quality operations, Lordan complies with international quality management standard ISO 9001:2008.
Our concern for the environment has led us to obtain ISO-14001 environmental management standard and fully support its directives.
Since 1999, Lordan has been UL certified for all standard refrigerants to the UL207 heat exchanger pressure standard.
This includes quarterly visits from the UL representatives to assure consistent adherence to this standard.

Environmental Policy of Lordan A.C.S.

The Lordan company produces parts for air-conditioning systems. The company strives to reduce as much as possible the
environmental ramifications that come from production activities by using the environmental management system ISO 14001:2004.
The management of the company and its workers are committed to protecting and improving in a continuous manner the quality
of the environment the company and its activities.
This policy is implemented by measuring the following three goals:

  1. Creating a high awareness for all of the employees of the company as to the environmental impacts of the production
  2. Taking positive actions to inspect the impacts of the company, while protecting the level of operations management.
  3. Carrying out all of the requirements and laws that the country requires.

In order to reduce the environmental footprint of the company the following actions are continuously performed.

  1. Creating clear and measurable goals for environmental impact reduction, and aiming to hit these at all times.
  2. Conducting a system of environmental management with the correct finance and manpower to assure implementation. 

LORDAN A.C.S. will take care of any relevent environmental issues, and will train all of the employees as to the system.
Lordan will inform our customers, suppliers and employess as to the implementation of this policy. 
Signed March 10, 2015 

Amnon Shalman

Please contact us at service@lordan.co.il for any questions. 

Testing Facilities

To support our promise guaranteeing the long life and high reliability of all our products, each Lordan coil undergoes a helium test or bubble leak test.
The helium leak test is conducted according to international standard (B6), with the test device calibrated to test minute amounts of leakage at an internal pressure of 42 bars, an equivalent of 0.5 gram refrigerant leakage rate per year.
Our helium testing processes are: